Retail Products

  • Brush-N-Seal Waterproofing


    Brush-N-SealĀ is a revolutionary liquid applied polymer emulsion membrane that has been specially formulated to provide waterproofing protection for exterior foundation walls. It may be applied to most common non-exposed surfaces and is suitable for both new and restoration construction. When …
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  • KL-17 Water Repellant

    KL-17 Retail

    KL-17 water repellent for brick, masonry, concrete, stucco and block surfaces is designed to prevent moisture penetration, migration and intrusion. KL-17 penetrates deep into new or existing surfaces to form an extremely durable barrier that prevents water and moisture migration …
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  • Hilti GX 120 Gas-Actuated Fastening System

    Hilti GX 120Gas-Actuated Fastening System

    The new innovative GX 120 Nail Gun manufactured by Hilti is designed for Exterior Waterproofing Contractors, Interior Finishing Trades and Electrical Contractors. With its comfortable design, reliability and efficient features, the GX 120 provides fast and effective fixing of drywall …
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