Retail Products

  • Brush-N-Seal Waterproofing


    Brush-N-SealĀ is a revolutionary liquid applied polymer emulsion membrane that has been specially formulated to provide waterproofing protection for exterior foundation walls. It may be applied to most common non-exposed surfaces and is suitable for both new and restoration construction. When …
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  • KL-17 Water Repellant

    KL-17 water repellent for brick, masonry, concrete, stucco and block surfaces is designed to prevent moisture penetration, migration and intrusion. KL-17 penetrates deep into new or existing surfaces to form an extremely durable barrier that prevents water and moisture migration …
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  • Hilti GX 3 Gas-Actuated Fastening System

    The new innovative GX 3 Nail Gun manufactured by Hilti is designed for Exterior Waterproofing Contractors, Interior Finishing Trades and Electrical Contractors. With its comfortable design, reliability and efficient features, the GX 3 provides fast and effective fixing of drywall …
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