Brush-N-Seal Waterproofing


Product Description

Brush-N-Seal is a revolutionary liquid applied polymer emulsion membrane that has been specially formulated to provide waterproofing protection for exterior foundation walls. It may be applied to most common non-exposed surfaces and is suitable for both new and restoration construction.

When cured, Brush-N-Seal provides a seamless barrier against water under hydrostatic pressure and water vapour. The flexible membrane of Brush-N-Seal will stretch over basement cracks to maintain a continuous barrier against water leakage.

Available in Green or Grey colours, Brush-N-Seal can be applied by brush, trowel or airless sprayer

Typical Coverage Rates will be 2.31 to 2.80 sq m/3.79 L (25-30 sq ft/gal) when applied at 1.52 mm (60 mils wet), typical cure time for the product will be 1-2 hours

Brush-N-Seal is available in 18.93 L pails (5 gallons)


  • Flexible Technology, bridges cracks which form in substrate, 1135 % elongation
  • Water, Mildew & Mould control
  • Ideal for masonry, concrete, ICF & PWF foundations
  • Can be easily applied with brush, trowel or airless sprayer
  • Liquid applied membrane simplifies detailing and assures a monolithic seamless membrane when applied to a smooth or rough surfaces
  • Water-Based/No odour
  • Retains flexibility in wide temperature range

pdf icon     Brush-N-Seal Waterproofing Brochure

Technical Information


pdf icon     Brush-N-Seal Waterproofing Data Sheet