Geo-Wrap Drainage Composite

Geo-Wrap Drainage
Geo-Wrap DrainageGeo-Wrap Drainage

Product Description

Geo-Wrap is a high performance, high strength drainage composite consisting of a three dimensional, high impact polypropylene core and a non-woven filer fabric. Geo-Wrap performs a multi-faceted role by providing protection for waterproofing systems and managing sub-surface water around building foundations.

The non-woven filter fabric over the dimples creates an air gap for reliable ventilation and full surface drainage of water inflow from the surrounding soil. Geo-Wrap provides effective protection for a wide variety of application areas including foundations, retaining walls, planters, lagging systems, underground areas etc.


  • High drainage flow capacity
  • Relieves hydro-static pressures, protecting below grade structures from water leaks
  • High Compressive strengths engineered to withstand a wide range of installation and natural earth stresses
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • Impermeable core enhances dampproofing and waterproofing by conveying groundwater away from below grade structures
  • CCMC Evaluation, CCMC #13579-R


Technical Information


pdf icon     Geo-Wrap Drainage Composite Manu-Data Sheet

Specs & Details


pdf icon     Geo-Wrap Drainage Composite Guide Spec

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