Rub-R-Wall Waterproofing for Precast Manhole Structures

Product Description

The Spray application of Rub-R-Wall is ideally suited for the exterior waterproofing of Precast Manhole structures. Water Infiltration thru Manholes is one of the major problems common to sewage collection and wastewater treatment structures.

Unattended or poorly treated, these problems can result in the rapid deterioration of concrete structures with the consequences of costly rehabilitation and significantly reduced service life.

Rub-R-Wall Waterproofing’s physical properties are well suited for use in these demanding and aggressive environments.

Rub-R-Wall protects against cracks and delaminated concrete to help stop water intrusion from the surrounding environment, resisting water infiltration under hydrostatic pressure, which can infiltrate and create potential capacity problems for wastewater plants.


pdf icon     Poured Concrete Wall with Rub-R-Wall 

pdf icon     Parged Concrete Block Wall with Rub-R-Wall

pdf icon     Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Wall with Rub-R-Wall