KL-17 Water Repellant

KL-17 Water RepellantKL-17 Water Repellant

Product Description

KL-17 is a clear, penetrating water repellent for masonry, concrete, brick stucco and block surfaces, above grade. KL-17 creates an integral crystalline barrier within the surface that prevents water and moisture penetration yet allows the surface to breathe.


  • Prevents water intrusion, surface deterioration, stain damage and efflorescence
  • Resistant to fungi and mildew
  • Compatible with most caulking and overlay materials such as paint, stucco, tile, carpet and vinyl flooring
  • Can be easily applied with small garden sprayer
  • Completely breathable which allows water vapour to escape
  • Water-Based/No odour

KL-17 Being Installed

Technical Information


pdf icon     KL-17 Water Repellant Data Sheet