Graywall Vapour Permeable Air Barrier

Graywall Vapour Permeable
Graywall Vapour PermeableGraywall Vapour Permeable

Product Description

GRAYWALL VAPOUR PERMEABLE is a total air barrier system designed to meet the most stringent requirements of air leakage necessary in today’s buildings. Spray applied to the substrate to produce quick, cost efficient air leakage protection, GRAYWALL VAPOUR PERMEABLE produces a 100% rubber membrane that resists air leakage while remaining permeable to the passage of water vapour. The spray application assures a seamless monolithic membrane regardless of any complex shapes in the structural component.    


  • Can be applied in low temperatures down to -15°C
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as masonry, concrete, stone, wood, gypsum board and metal
  • Meets and exceeds National Research Council (NRC) Type 111 Air Leakage Requirements
  • Seals tightly around projections such as brick ties
  • Seamless vapour permeable elastomeric membrane for above-grade walls
  • Installed only by Certified Applicators




Technical Information


pdf icon      Graywall Vapour Permeable Manu-Data Sheet

Specs & Details


pdf icon     Graywall Vapour Permeable Air Barrier Barrier Guide Spec 

Word icon     Graywall Vapour Permeable Air Barrier Barrier Guide Spec